Securing Child Support

Are you a single parent caring for a child? You may be eligible for child support. We understand how noncustodial parents may seek to avoid this obligation. For example, they may hide income by working under the table or voluntarily reducing their hours at work. We will ensure that the court understands your situation and that your child gets the money she deserves

Defending against a Claim for Child Support

In addition, we defend parents against child support claims. We understand that you have many financial constraints and obligations in addition to supporting your child. You may be supporting other children, unable to find full time work or financially struggling for any number of reasons. We will fight to prevent you from being ordered to pay more than your fair share of child support.

Further, the failure to pay court ordered child support can lead to incarceration and jeopardize your immigration case. Call us today to see how we can protect you from these unjust obligations.