Securing a Protection From Abuse Order

A Protection From Abuse Order (otherwise known as a “PFA”) is a civil court order that can offer various forms of relief to victims of domestic violence. For example, a PFA may prohibit a boyfriend or family member from contacting a victim, exclude him from her home, or order him to pay child support. If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, our firm will fight to ensure that you are protected.

Defending against a Protection From Abuse Order

We also understand that PFA actions are occasionally based on false allegation. If a PFA petition has been unjustly filed against you, we can help you defend your reputation and prevent you from being evicted from your home, denied access to your children or otherwise prejudiced.

Further, a violation of a PFA is a criminal matter that can have serious immigration consequences. If you are an immigrant involved in a PFA action, we will ensure that you are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

Immigration and Protection From Abuse

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in the PFA matter, if you are an immigrant, you need an attorney who understands the immigration implications of a protection from abuse action. With extensive experience in both family and immigration law, we are an ideal choice to handle your PFA action.