If you have been a victim of certain crimes such as domestic violence, felonious assault (which may include robbery), child abuse, sexual abuse, just to name a few, and you have spoken to the police or prosecutor about this crime, you may be eligible for a U visa.  With a U visa you can:

  • Live and work lawfully in the United States
  • Get a social security number and driver’s license
  • Bring family members to the United States from abroad
  • Apply for a green card after three years

Attorney Karen Atzert has secured U visas for numerous individuals, including those with criminal records themselves. Recognized for her expertise in the area, Karen has trained law enforcement officers, legal advocates and community organizations on the U visa process. Other immigration attorneys routinely seek Karen’s assistance in handling complex u visa matters. Call Karen today to see if you qualify for a U visa.

Success Story

While on his way home from work, J.N., a citizen of Mexico, was robbed at knife-point. Karen prepared a U Visa application on his behalf which was approved by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. Three years after receiving his U visa, Karen represented J.N. in his application for adjustment of status. J.N. is now a green-card holder, who looks forward to petitioning for his new wife.