Motion to Reopen

R.R., a citizen of the Dominican Republic, failed to attend his immigration hearing and was ordered deported. Karen successfully convinced the judge to reopen R.R.’s case so that he could apply for a green card through his wife, a United States citizen who suffered from depression.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Sixteen-year-old J.I. left his home in Guatemala after his parents failed to provide for his basic necessities. Upon crossing the Texas-Mexico border, J.I. was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Although he was subsequently released into the care of his older brother, he was placed into removal proceedings before an immigration judge. Karen secured an order from a family court judge in New Jersey granting J.I.’s brother custody of him and making specific factual findings to enable JI to apply for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. With this family court order, the immigration judge terminated removal proceedings against J.I., and he was awarded a green card.

Cancellation of Removal

F.L. had lived in the United States for twelve years. After his second conviction for driving under the influence, he was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Through Karen’s representation, FL demonstrated to the Immigration Judge that his two United States citizen children, who suffer from asthma, would experience hardship if he were deported. FL was promptly released from immigration detention and awarded a green card.

U Visa

While on his way home from work, J.N., a citizen of Mexico, was robbed at knife-point. Karen prepared a U Visa application on his behalf which was approved by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. Three years after receiving his U visa, Karen represented J.N. in his application for adjustment of status. J.N. is now a green-card holder, who looks forward to petitioning for his new wife.